Denial of Service Attack and Rockies World Series Tickets…

Hi all…

Even though I’m ecstatic that the Rockies have made it into the World Series for their first time, I’m a little disappointed in the ticket selling process…

Yesterday, tickets were to go on sale at 10am over the internet. They were opening the floodgates to anybody who wanted to wait it out for a chance to purchase World Series tickets. What ended up happening was that a mere 500 tickets were sold (approximately) before the servers were shut down due to what sounds like a denial of service attack. 8.5 million hits overwhelmed the system and the Rockes and MLB were forced to stop, reset, and try again today.

Well, today tickets went on sale at 12am MST and so far I haven’t heard anything bad. It sounds like they’ve sold a ton of tickets.

What bums me out is as follows…

1. The Rockies should have allowed a certain number of tickets to be purchased at the ticket window at Coors Field. This would allow the diehard fans a shot at getting their tickets first.

2. By opening the floodgates, they have shut out a majority of Rockies fans in Colorado without Season Tickets. They only put out 18,000 tickets for sale in each game and kept the rest for Season Ticket holders. I get that they should have first dibs. But it seems a little obnoxious that the guy across the country gets as much of a shot of getting tickets as someone sitting in a cyber cafe across the street from Coors Field.

3. I attempted for about 3 hours yesterday and 90 minutes today to try and get through on the website to purchase tickets. Obviously I didn’t get any… So that’s a bummer.

All of that said… I look forward to tomorrow night’s first game in the Series against Boston and hope that our Rockies do Colorado and themselves proud. It’s one hell of a moment for them and they should enjoy it!



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