Broncos – Raiders on Monday Night Football, September 8, 2008

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Hey all!

I’m ready for some football! I’m geeked up. The Broncos play the Raiders tonight, the first game of the season, on Monday Night Football . What better way to start the season for both teams by being pummeled on national television?

Yes, I’m a Bronco fan. I’ll admit it. It’s in my blood (born and raised in Colorado). But this particular match-up is better later in the season IMHO.

We have Jay Cutler as the Broncos QB again this year and I thought he did well last year. Did we do well as a team? Heck no. But that was mainly due to a banged up group of receivers. Now that we’re healthy, we can only hope that during the off season we’ve made some changes that solidified both our offense and defense.

On the Raider side of the ball is QB JaMarcus Russell. He only played a few games last year as a starter, so this is his first big shot as a starting quarterback in the NFL. The fact that the Raiders were horrid last year didn’t help him out at all. Like the Broncos, I’m guessing their coaching and management staff has beefed them up in terms of offense and defense.

Who will win tonight? Who knows, but hopefully the Broncos will prevail. Traditionally though, playing in Raider country has been perilous for Denver. Hopefully we won’t see any major injuries.

So far, with yesterday’s games done, the AFC West is looking pretty anemic. KC lost to the Patriots even with Tom Brady going out early (like everybody, we wish him a speedy and safe recovery from whatever the injury turns out to be). And the San Diego Chargers came close to beating the Panthers, but literally lost in the last second of the game.

With any luck, the Broncos shouldn’t have too many issues this year. Ha ha.

Broncos, may the Force be with you. 🙂


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  1. Talk about dominating a game! I would’ve been happier if Selvin Young had had another rushing touchdown or if Ebenezer Ekuban had had a few more tackles, a sack, or an interception for a touchdown. (Both of them are on my fantasy team.)

    Let’s see if the Broncos can keep their momentum heading into the San Diego game at home this coming Sunday!

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