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Hi all…

It’s the end of the month, and I use Quicken and Quicken Bill Pay to pay 90% of my bills these days, so I was just pretty much able to set up to pay all my bills for July via Quicken’s Bill Pay service. What a cool service.

I used to use MyCheckFree ( http://mycheckfree.com ) for everything, but at the beginning of 2007, their service dropped quite a few of the main payees that I pay every month. So I had to look into another service, as I’ve grown quite attached to my online bill paying.

Though my banks do offer bill pay services through their own websites, their services are often slow and scheduling is less than optimal since they typically cut a check and snail-mail it to the destination. Quicken Bill Pay and MyCheckFree both do as many online transactions as they can, using snail mail only as a last resort.

I used to use Microsoft Money for a long time, but the last upgrade really messed up my files to the point where I couldn’t use it any more. It was at that point last year that I defected to Quicken. It has its quirks also, but so far I have been able to work with or around them.

So if you’re looking for an online bill pay solution and use Quicken, I highly recommend Quicken Bill Pay. It’s easy to configure and set up and works great. It’s a relief to know that 90% of my bills are scheduled and taken care of so they won’t be late. I can then focus that energy on other things during the month — like spending money to see movies!

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