SpaceX Makes History With Orbit!

That's Hot – SpaceX Falcon in Space

Image by jurvetson via Flickr

Hi all…

I was doing my daily blog browse and came across this story at Cromely’s World. I knew that SpaceX had been trying for a successful launch for a while and had suffered three setbacks in the prior three attempts. Evidently they had a spectacular success on Sunday, becoming the first privately held company to get a rocket into Earth orbit. Unbelievable. Falcon 1 success on Flight 4.

They’re readying additional flights for January and beyond as well as a new rocket to test in the future (Falcon 9). Their goal of course is to facilitate much cheaper satellite launches and even manned trips.

Excuse me while I geek out. 🙂

Congratulations to Elon Musk and his team for their spectacular success!

You can watch the launch and success on YouTube below… And more about the historic flight at Wired.

Thanks to Cromely for bringing this to my attention this morning!!!


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