Wildwood Kin Harmonies Forced Me To Write This Review

Eight years ago, I shuttered this site. I was done writing reviews and choosing to focus on my writing efforts with my tabletop RPG company Moebius Adventures. Well, I’m here to tell you that I’m still doing that and something about this album woke my inner reviewer.

Who is Wildwood Kin? That’s a damn fine question. Their website left me scratching my head a bit. Sure, there’s some news and links to their music — but there’s no biography. I had to fall back to Wikipedia of all places to find anything at all.

It’s there I learned they are a trio of three members — sisters Beth and Emillie Key and their cousin Meghann Loney, from Exeter, Devon, England. Their harmonies are out of this world, so I wouldn’t have minded discovering that they were aliens from a distant planet!

That said, it was their music that really got my attention. Their song, Time Has Come (Acoustic), showed up in my Spotify mix this week and it blew my mind. Without relying on fancy tricks or a plethora of engineering in the studio, their three voices filled the cab of my truck with a complex weaving of harmony, lyrics, melody, and rhythm that had me slapping my steering wheel and smiling ear to ear.

It’s not a stretch to say that I was a fan within a few moments.

Too often when listening to new music, I find it lacking. Sure, there’s a ton of talent, but the perfect storm of elements fails to come together to make them memorable. Maybe they’ll have one element — a well-constructed chorus, a well-written lyric, a fantastic riff, a note or chord that resonates in my soul — but it’s rare that all those arrive at once.

I heard influences I hadn’t thought of for years such as Wilson Phillips mixed with the classic feels of Fleetwood Mac and some of the more modern stylings of groups like Delta Rae… but obviously with their own spin on how to construct melodies and chords in creative and often unexpected ways.

Though it was the tracks Time Has Come and Beauty in Your Brokenness that really caught my attention, it was Headed for the Water that made me sit up and focus. It was easy to get lost in those rich vocal landscapes and the almost primitive cry that comes into Headed for the Water took me by surprise. I had to turn it up! Did I really hear it back there? Yes I did!

It’s been a long time since I got lost in a group’s release — not since The Rescues’ Crazy Ever After and Delta Rae’s Carry the Fire — so it’s fantastic to find another group with a talent for harmony and lyrics that I can dive into again.

Looking forward to checking out their 2017 album, Turning Tides, but for now will be content to leave Wildwood Kin on repeat. Have a moment? Give them a listen on Spotify, Amazon Music, or pick up a copy at your favorite local music store!

For more, check out their website at https://www.wildwoodkin.com/!

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