Transformers on DVD October 16

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Just saw this news on

Ok… This movie came out July 4th weekend and is being released on DVD and HD-DVD October 16… That’s a hair more than 3 months from theater to DVD distribution.

Is this cycle getting a wee bit crazy, or is it just me? It used to be that you’d have to wait months — 9-12 months — for a DVD to come out. Now they’re being released almost simultaneously at the theater and on DVD… What gives?



  1. Well, I think there a couple reasons for the phenomena … but the main one is the distribution studio can cut their market expenses by riding the coat tails of the already existing marketing campaign to hype the movie.

    The other is probably an indication that they don’t bother with second wave marketing to keep a film’s ticket sales up after the initial opening weeks.

    Still, it probably doesn’t help movie theaters that the turn around is so quick.

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