Pondering American Idol Season 10 (2011) – What do you think?

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I have to admit that we’ve been watching American Idol since probably season 3 or 4. I resisted at first, but after a while the pull of some sort of live performance musical show reeled me in. And along with the rest of the fanatical audience, I got used to listening to Simon, Alvin, and Theodore… wait. That’s not right. Simon, Paula, and Randy. That’s it… I got used to the trio over the years and the banter rarely changed. Same schtick different show.

Even when Kara DioGuardi joined the panel, things really didn’t change much. But I did like it last year when Ellen DeGeneres joined in Paula’s absence. She added a unique vibe as an individual, focusing more on keeping the performers comfortable while at the same time letting them know what she thought with humor and class.

This season, the tenth (hard to believe), we have a big shake-up and to be honest I wasn’t sure I was going to like the new set of judges.

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I’m not a big fan of Jennifer Lopez. Sure, she’s beautiful and talented. But the promos really focused on the glitz and glamour and damn if it got annoying quickly. And Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame would add an entirely different vibe with his rock star personality. Then there was good old Randy Jackson still in the seat as well.

However… I started this past Wednesday wanting to see 15 minutes of the first episode of the new season. And after all the build-up with Ryan Seacrest, I was actually surprised to find myself enjoying the interplay between the judges.

I’m still not sure about J.Lo, but she’s not as big a cheerleader as Paula Abdul, so I’m hopeful.

As for the talent this season, I haven’t agreed with everybody they’ve shoved through to Hollywood. But my wife and I do agree that Hollywood Week is going to be a zoo just with the sheer number of people going this year. They’ve already put 50 or more people through in just three hours worth of show, and you know we haven’t seen everybody perform.

So as always I’m left waiting for the drama of Hollywood Week to be over (and it’s not for a few weeks yet) so the real competition can begin. What will season ten bring us? We’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think so far? About the judges, the talent, the title changes at the beginning – whatever you want to contribute to the conversation, leave it in a comment below.


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