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Every now and then you get an opportunity to hear something new, fun, and very alive in the music world. When I had a chance to hear The Rescues’ new song Break Me Out online after it aired during the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, I knew I had to hear more from this group.

Formed in 2007 from the union of three accomplished singer-songwriters in Los AngelesGabriel Mann, Adrianne, and Kyler England, The Rescues release their first album, Crazy Ever After, on November 4, 2008. And the first thing you notice when you hear the album is the chemistry. For many musicians (including myself), the art of multi-part harmony is a mystery. Yet, somehow, Gabriel Mann, Adrianne, and Kyler England manage to merge their harmonies in an almost effortless fashion.

Though I can’t say that every song on the album wowed me like Break Me Out, there are several very well written tracks that stuck with me after listening.

The Rescues Are (From their MySpace Page)Break Me Out has an energy about it that just makes it fun to listen to. Though I’m not much of a dancer (just ask my wife), I was moved to dance (not a pretty sight) by the driving beat, the upbeat lyrics (escape is always a good thing), and layered melodies.

“break me out tonight i wanna see the
sun rising anywhere but here
come with me, this could be
the only chance we get, we gotta take it
don’t do it now we’ll never make it
lose this crowd, break me out”

(Lyrics from the Rescues website)

So the album starts with a powerful song, Lost Along the Way, about losing your way in a relationship. The two parts, male and female, merge into a melody that buries itself in your brain. Several of the songs are like this, including Matter of Time and Shadows of Tall Buildings. Sweetspot, like Break Me Out, has one of those infectious beats that makes you want to tap your toes or get up and dance.

And then there are a couple of songs that break the mold of what you typically hear on a pop album. I Miss Missing You’s melodies are not the norm. Minor keys and odd chords float in the background. Yet the strength of voices and the interlocking melodies and the story behind the lyrics holds it together.

The same holds true for My Heart With You, which I thought was an odd song to include on this album. It has a haunting melody and lyrics, but is nearly entirely acapella. It does showcase the voice talents of the trio nicely, but I would have preferred to have heard it live rather than on the album I think.

Beyond that, there are a few songs that just never really clicked for me. California Rain, New Kind of Cool, and Lay It On Me were in that category.

That said, I count any album a success if I like more than half of the songs on it and would be interested enough to try and get to a concert or find the next album when it comes out. So this is definitely a success.

Individually the artists have toured all 50 states and Europe, which is amazing in and of itself. Since their January release, the Rescues have played to sold out venues in the southeast and around Los Angeles. Along with Break Me Out being featured on Grey’s Anatomy, it will also be heard in an episode of “Army Wives” on Lifetime. Sweetspot will be heard in the upcoming film “The Lucky Ones” starring Rachel McAdams and Tim Robbins. They also recorded covers of “All By Myself” (originally by Eric Carmen) for the “Superhero Movie” and Oingo Boingo‘s “Dead Man’s Party” for use in trailers for the animated feature “Igor”.

On their own and together they have a bright future ahead of them. I look forward to hearing more of the layered melodies and acoustic instruments on the next album!

Look for the Rescues album, Crazy Ever After, at a retailer near you on November 4, 2008!


p.s. Pick it up at Amazon here:

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