Music Review: Burning EP by Dynasty Electric

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Lately I’ve been encouraged about some of the great new bands (new to me anyway) that are releasing CDs these days. Dynasty Electric is a duo of indie rockers from Brooklyn, NY, with a unique and contagious electro-rock sound. Before I heard their music they were described to me as “Blondie on acid,” which was a bit of a scary mental image of Deborah Harry chasing acid-induced creatures through a concert hall!

For me, DE’s Burning EP takes the best of synth-pop and infuses it with a rocking personality. Not only do you have almost hypnotic beats and synth riffs, but you get terrific vocals and even some rock saxophone! Yes, you heard me. Saxophone. As a former sax player, I have always been intrigued by the use of saxophone in rock songs. Foreigner, Men at Work, and Huey Lewis and the News were just a few of the groups I loved for their use of the sax. I can now add Dynasty Electric to that mix.

Evidently Jennifer DeVeau (vocals, theremin, synthesizer) and Seth Misterka (guitar, saxophone, synthesizer, programming) met by chance after a date mishap in an East Village New York bar. I have to say it must have been kismet, as they seem to have clicked. DE formed in 2004 and they’ve been busy ever since.

Their debut album Black Box came out in 2005 and led them on a world tour through the United States, Canada, Japan, and Taiwan. And their Burning EP arose from experiences at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada’s Black rock Desert. Burning Man always pulls together an amazing array of people and artists and Misterka says he “heard the groove for the song “Burning” on the drive back from the desert” after a week in the surreal environment of the festival.

And Burning doesn’t disappoint, from the first synth strains of “Closer to Contact” all the way through these six songs. I only wish there was more music on the CD. My favorite on the EP has to be “Move My Feet” with Misterka playing saxophone. The first time I listened, I cranked it in the car and when it was done, I played it again. There’s just something magical about a mix of rock-n-roll and the throaty growl of a saxophone.

The group recently released a video for “Closer to Contact” for their fans. It doesn’t disappoint either. It’s great to see indie bands doing their own thing in a music video so you get a feel for what their live performances might be like.

Dynasty Electric – Closer To Contact from AbsolutePitchPR on Vimeo.

If you’re a fan of synthesizer rock from the likes of Garbage, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Kills, or PJ Harvey, be sure to give Dynasty Electric’s Burning EP a listen. They’re having a release party in NYC at Fontanas tonight at 8:30pm if you happen to be in the area. As good as they are on CD, they should be amazing live.

Be sure to check out their website and MySpace page for more details.


p.s. Pick up the Burning EP here.

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  1. Hey there!
    My band recently recorded our own full song!!!

    Have a look, we’ve learnt a lot from your blog! 🙂

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