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New to U.S. shores, South African singer/songwriter Ashton Nyte’s baritone voice seems poised to be ready to make an impression. Often compared to David Bowie or Johnny Cash, voices this deep are not heard often in our current Top 40 landscape.

The Valley is Nyte’s fifth solo album and has been quite active in South African music circles for more than a decade – first as the front man, writer, and producer for the band The Awakening and later as a solo act. Mixing genres from across the board, his musical skills combine acoustic sensibilities, a gift for ballads, and a talent for the dramatic.

He’s definitely a prolific artist, with a catalog of more than 180 original songs, dozens of top ten national singles, and videos played on MTV Europe. Ashton headlined several festivals of 30,000+ fans, so hopefully now that he’s in the USA he won’t forget them as he gains a few in our country!

Here’s a video for a single off The Valley for a taste of his style and sound. I definitely hear the David Bowie influences in this one.

For more information and to hear more of his music, check out his website at

Here are a few of his upcoming tour dates if you want to catch him live in your neck of the woods:

  • June 29 Fontana’s New York, NY
  • July 1 Firebird St. Louis, MO
  • July 2 Night Lite Café Chicago, IL
  • July 3 The Roots Room Chicago, IL
  • July 5 Acadia Café Minneapolis, MN
  • July 8 Mars Café Des Moines, IA
  • July 10 Kick Butt Austin, TX
  • July 11 Headhunters Austin, TX
  • July 12 Avant Garden Houston, TX
  • July 15 Checkpoint Charlie’s New Orleans, LA
  • July 18 Highlands Taproom Louisville, KY
  • July 24 Spellbound @ Recessions Washington, DC


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