L.P.’s New Untitled Album is Phenomenal

L.P. in a ChairHey all…

Had a chance to listen to a sampler of L.P.’s still untitled album that’s due in early 2009. Though I’d never heard of L.P. before, when I took a listen to the first song on the preview – “Good With You” on the web (check it out here), I had to hear more.

L.P. hails from New York City and has evidently been captivating audiences since the 1990s. And I can say that she certainly got my attention with one song attached to an E-card. Can’t say that’s ever happened. 🙂

SoBe Entertainment will be releasing L.P.’s still untitled album sometime in early 2009, but has already had L.P. featured as Clear Channel’s Artist to Watch in June. I can definitely hear these songs being played on the local radio stations in my town! They’re catchy and poppish, but there’s a quality there that can’t be denied.

She’s already a veteran rocker, having toured for 4 years to promote her first two albums. So she’s earned a chance on the bigger stage to show the rest of the world (sorry NYC, now you have to share!) what she can do.

What’s some of the buzz about L.P.?

L.P.L.P. has invited comparisons to Janis Joplin, Joan Jett, Gwen Stefani and Chrissie Hynde and has worked with go-to rocker Linda Perry who is a self confessed fan. The Washington Post call’s L.P. “. . . a punky rocker with the pipes of a belter,” while Entertainment Weekly exclaims “NYC moptop songwriter L.P. has toured the country and back, but nothing much spins her wheels off their axles” and Cincinnati City Beat offers up this piece of advice, “Tell a friend: L.P. is going to be huge.”

I personally heard what I would say are strains of Cyndi Lauper, Kelly Clarkson, and Evanescence in her songs as well — plus the irreverence of a Paula Cole or Allanis Morissette.

The four songs on the sampler I was privileged to listen to included:

  • Good With You
  • Cling To Me
  • Kill the Rain
  • and SMF (not for young ears)

All of them were catchy, layered, and intelligent — something often missing from pop music in my opinion.

The single is available on iTunes and Amazon’s MP3 Store if you want it in your own collection. But definitely give Good With You a listen!

For more information about L.P., check out her home page, YouTube page, and MySpace page. She’s got a serious footprint on the web already!

I for one look forward to see what else L.P.’s album has in store for us in 2009!


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