Let your Blue Man out of the bottle!

Hey all…

We had a chance to go see the Blue Man Group perform at the Pepsi Center in Denver last night. This was the How to be a Megastar 2.1 tour.

Blue Man Group

What’s to like?

  • Mike Relm, the opening act, was amazingly cool. He is what he calls a “turntableist”, mixing scratching of audio tracks like a DJ and video. The result is beyond belief. Go to his website here and check out the download of Peanuts Live! That will give you a small taste of what he can do. He did fun things with Nacho Libre, Napoleon Dynamite, Jimmy Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin during his act also — quite a variety and fun to boot!
  • The Blue Men are hilarious. Simple, eager to explore things, they represent (IMHO) the child in all of us in an attempt to let that part of our selves free that’s been locked away for a while.
  • The Blue Men and the Band were amazing musicians. Plus the gal that they had singing for her (I wish I had grabbed a program and could tell you her name) had amazing depth and talent (fun to watch on stage too — hey, I may be married, but I’m not dead!). Reminded me of some of the lyrics from an indie group called Red Delicious I fell in love with a few years ago.
  • The concert isn’t JUST music and merriment — it’s multimedia! Each song, each message, is meant to get across the thought to the audience that we need to think freely — escape the labyrinth of everyday life and live again in the sun (a little bit ironic, since the concert was at night). But get out and explore, have fun, and live!
  • Unbelievable instruments. We’d seen some of this show on tv (PBS special), but in person it was so much cooler. Beating a huge mallet against the inside of a piano was brilliant. Using fishing pole-like things to make music — sweet. And the three Blue Men were VERY good percussionists. They didn’t have to say anything – their act said it for them. 🙂

What’s not to like?

  • Well, I mentioned that we’d seen a PBS special about the How to be a Megastar tour? Unfortunately it pretty much covered everything we saw live in the concert last night, so we knew what was coming. But even knowing most of what was going to happen, it was still damn cool!

So that’s it… If you get a chance to go see them live, do it. It’s a heck of a show. They have a new act at the Venetian in Las Vegas, which I’m hoping we can get tickets for in February when/if we get out there.

Let your Blue Man out of the bottle and enjoy!



Blue Man Group 2


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