John Mayer’s new single… Say

Hi all!

Had a chance to check out John Mayer’s new single today (released yesterday). (I have to say I alternately love and hate iTunes, but it’s nice to be able to get new music quickly after it’s released.)

John Mayer Say

The new song appears on the soundtrack for the upcoming film “The Bucket List,” to be released in December. It also appears on an updated version of Mayer’s “Continuum” album (which includes a bonus disc of live tracks from his Summer 2007 tour as well — see my review of that concert here).

Have to say I like the new song. It’s upbeat and orchestrated, with a fun little acoustic intro. Other folks have said they can see it being popular with any upcoming weddings, and I can see that. The theme is to “say” what you need to say and that sometimes we get stuck inside our own heads… a sentiment I understand all too well. 🙂

Check out at John Mayer’s website (there’s a web player that has Say as an option) and then download it from iTunes if you like it. I do. 🙂



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