Have Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest lost their minds?

Hi all…

Yes, the title is a bit inflammatory, but I wanted to draw attention to a couple of things…

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1) On Tuesday night, Ryan Seacrest tried to “high five” a blind contestant (one of our favorites of the season so far btw, and sorry I don’t remember his name). Ryan… He’s blind! This is like asking a blind person if they saw that?!?!

2) And then on Wednesday night, the auditions were in Kansas City, Missouri. Simon Cowell kept referring to it as “Kansas” — ack. Even I know better than that!

That said… I’m annoyed by all the gimmicks this year. Maybe it’s just me. “Bikini Girl” was horrible. I couldn’t watch her sing — it was physically painful — and though she was cute, she wasn’t drop dead gorgeous. Not sure why Randy and Simon went nuts for her.

And then there’s the girl who swore that G*d would get the judges for not putting her through to Hollywood. What’s with that? I’m of the “get mad, get glad, get on with your life” approach to life. If you don’t have the ability to take criticism, work hard, and get better — why would you put yourself out there? I’ve never been that deluded to believe that I’m perfect or know everything.

Anyway… I like Kara as the new judge. She adds a definite fired up quality to the panel — and sort of provides a balance to Simon’s own polarized views. I think the season will be interested to see how the judge interactions continue.

As always, American Idol provides some entertainment for good or bad. It’s up to us to take away from it what we will. But you’d think the Producers might want to make Ryan and Simon look a little better than high-fiving blind people and not getting the state you’re in correct!


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