Ever obsessed by a song heard once…

Hey all…

I have to share a fun fact about my warped mind… Every so often I’ll hear a song on the radio or television and become obsessed with it. Ever happen to you?

The last time this occurred, it was the song “Through Glass” by the group Stone Sour. I heard it on the radio every so often for a few days but could never catch the name of the song or artist. When I finally did, iTunes came to the rescue.

Well, last night we watched “So You Think You Can Dance” — yes, we watch the show regularly and I’m not too manly to admit that. The music and dancing is typically spectacular with rare exceptions. Anyway, it was an elimination show last night and Danny, once of the male dancers, danced to a song called “Delirious” that was attributed to “Mario Spinetti”…

It was an amazing song. We loved it. So I wrote it down to try and find this morning. iTunes let me down, but Google didn’t and the song turned up on GarageBand.com from a group called Aiden Eve & The Innocent. If you sign up for Garage Band and join the band (Aiden Eve & The Innocent) as a fan, you can download “Delirious” for free.

The song didn’t disappoint. It’s a mix of amazing voices and a touch of modern sound. Give it a listen on the GarageBand site if you’re interested.

Anyway… Has anyone else had one of those songs just get stuck in your head until you had to track it down and get it?




  1. I tried registering with GarageBand.com, as you suggested. (I’m obsessed with the same some, too!) I searched for Aiden Eve & The Innocent and for Delirious, but the searches are not yielding anything like what I heard on So You Think You Can Dance. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Can you share the song with me? I’m desparate to have it in my collection!


    – Alex –

  2. Evidently it’s been removed from Garageband. I’m hoping this means the airtime for the song led to the band’s signing with a label!

    I’ve forwarded along the song to you via e-mail.

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