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When Daria Musk’s self-titled debut album arrived in my mailbox, I hadn’t heard of her. And when I played the album for the first time, I wondered why the heck not. This girl can sing! And she makes it seem so damn easy!

Daria has an amazing grasp of very different styles and a groove all her own. Opening with “Maybe” with soaring vocals and guitar licks, she transitions to the almost instrument-less “On Your Shoulders” which allows you to really get a feel for the range and quiet power of her voice. And once she has you, she doesn’t let go.

Raised in the woods of Connecticut in a musical family, she has her own distinct style of vocals, guitar playing, and lyrics. Each lyric has a poetic quality that is lost on so many young stars focused more on pop stardom than on their music. With Daria, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The fans of Ourstage.com knew about her long before the rest of us did. She’s been a consistent chart-topper since 2007, and that led her to playing a sold out show at the Paradise in Boston, The Mercury Lounge in NYC, among other venues. She’s also won honorable mentions at a number of songwriter competitions in the last few years.

Among my favorite tracks, “Mermaid” has to be at the top of the list. What a groovy beat and guitar in the background, mixed with those flying vocals. Uplifting, fun, and amazing.

And then she follows it up with “Chalk” — a city beat, conversation that tells a story. Singsong with amazing instruments in the background that could all too easily take over, but even with this style she wrangles the beat and makes it her own.

“Space” opens with a haunting guitar piece that blends into a Basia-like bassanova beat. Again, seamlessly blending vocals, poetry, and jazzy style.

And if the album wasn’t enough, to honor the historic election of Barack Obama as President, she’s released a new song – “Vote 4 Change” that you can hear on her MySpace page.

If you’re looking for something new, upbeat, and classy to add to your collection, I’d definitely grab Daria Musk’s self-titled album. She deserves a listen. And I can hardly wait to hear what she does next!

Check her out at MySpace, Sonic Bids, or Ourstage.com.

Tracks on the CD:

  • Maybe
  • On Your Shoulders
  • Ordinary Town
  • Mermaid
  • Chalk
  • Space
  • California
  • It’s Cold
  • The World Is What You Make Of It
  • Q&A
  • AWOL
  • Those Days

Be sure to check it out! Keep an eye on her MySpace page at MySpace.com/DariaMusk for details on when the album is to be released. It’s worth your time!


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