Congratulations to David Cook — the 2008 American Idol!

American IdolHey all…

I occasionally write about American Idol, and this seemed like a good occasion. In the battle of the Davids, I thought that the best man won.

Though David Archuleta had a strong showing in the finals, this proves to me that you can’t just get by on being cute and having a good voice — America picked David Cook, who IMHO is the more well-rounded of the two contestants.

So a huge congratulations to David Cook, whose album I might actually purchase when it comes out in 6 months to a year. 🙂

That said, I thought I’d comment a little on the season finale.

My first thought was that the duets ruled the day. Seal with Ms. Mercado was cool. David Cook with ZZ Top was VERY cool. Even the blonde gal who sang with Graham Nash did pretty well (btw, I would’ve killed to have done that duet myself at one point, but she did ok I thought). Donna Summer came out and proved that you can be an older artist and still come up with fresh material that will get airplay on the radio. Bryan Adams new song didn’t do anything for me.

And George Michael… Wow he hasn’t aged well. He started “Praying for Time” more than a little rough, but by the middle had recovered. (Though he said he had a cold, I’m not convinced that was all that was going on there. I think he’s a bit rusty and this was little more than a sound check for his upcoming tour in some respects.) That song is still a very powerful song, even 20 years later. Listen Without Prejudice holds a special place in my heart. There’s so many powerful songs on it. And this song, if you read the lyrics, is still just as powerful now as it was when it first came out.

Carrie Underwood did an admirable job with it in the Idol Gives Back performances a few weeks ago. But George Michael gave it a gravitas that Underwood could never achieve. A very powerful performance, even if GM wasn’t at the top of his game.

Thus ends another year of American Idol. A great year I thought. Most of the top 12 deserved to be there (The rocker chick was scary on stage though and sounded horrible!) and I thought the best of them (David Cook) came away at the top consistently. So I’m glad he won.

Anyway… That was more than a thought I guess. But I wanted to share my opinion. 🙂

What did the rest of you think?



  1. I am glad that he won. There were a few years in there where I felt the person that really should have won different (Daughtry was robbed). Also, Archuleta supposedly has this overbearing stage father so maybe he is better off finishing school right now instead. Of course, as runner up his career is going to be masterminded if he plays his cards right, but I think David Cook, being more mature can handle the pressures of the spotlight better. Even though David A. was a “star search kid.”

  2. Definitely in the wee hours. 🙂

    I think David A has an amazing voice. But he needs to mature a bit as a person. I hope that he does mature, even though I’m guessing his life is going to be pretty busy and scripted and he won’t have the benefit of the rest of a “normal” childhood any more…

    Anyway… I agree with you about Daughtry, who’s turned out to be a huge star. And David Cook should do great!

    Thanks for commenting, even really late/early. 🙂

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