CD Review: Sheryl Crow takes a few Detours…

Hey all…

This week I had a chance to pick up Sheryl Crow’s latest release, Detours. My wife and girls are huge Sheryl Crow fans and I have to admit that after The Globe Sessions came out in 1998, I started to become a fan. But her big album Tuesday Night Music Club did nothing for me with the millions of hours of airplay “All I Wanna Do” had in the mid-90s, I have to say I was a bit sick of Sheryl “Big Black Bird”.

Well, I’m a convert. Since C’mon C’mon (Steve McQueen is my favorite song from that album), I’ve enjoyed her music more and more. Even the pretty docile Wildflower was ok in my book.

Detours takes the best sounds and influences of her last few albums and mashes them up with some of the insanity of Tuesday Night Music Club, which IMHO makes for a very textured, interesting album. Probably not my favorite (C’mon C’mon is still my fave), but still a better album than Wildflower.

Detours Album Cover

You can see additional information about the album and all the lyrics at Sheryl Crow’s official site here.

I felt in parts of this album like I’d entered the era of Free Love with Love is Free, Gasoline, and Love Is All there Is… (There’s a lot of love on this album.) Especially Love is Free…

Oh everybody
Devil take your money
Money’s got no hold on me
Oh oh everybody’s making love
cause love is free

Then there’s the anti-war Peace Be Upon Us, which features a middle-eastern vibe that is very cool. Proves that the west can meet the middle east and not go to war.

But my favorite song is simple… Lullaby for Wyatt. IMHO, it’s the best song on the album musically and it pulls at the heart strings a bit. The last verse goes like this…

How do I keep you from losing your way
Hope you will find love like I did someday
But love is letting go
And this I’ll know
Is you were mine
For a time

So if you’re a Sheryl Crow fan, a fan of her new stuff or her old stuff, you’ll find something to like here. It’s probably her most balanced album as far as old and new feel that we’ve seen from her so far.

Let me know what you think!


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