CD Review: Peter Mulvey’s “Notes from Elsewhere”

Hi all…

A few weeks ago while driving to Denver, I heard a song on the radio (listening to KBCO) that stuck in my head for a while. It forced me to write down the lyric and figure out who wrote it later. Turned out the song was “Better Way to Go” from Peter Mulvey’s album “Notes from Elsewhere”.

Peter Mulvey Notes from Elsewhere Cover

The lyrics haunted me until I purchased the album on iTunes:

I just came from the guru’s website
I’m still washing off the smell
Man, why don’t he just go on TV
And tell us all, “Pay up or go to hell”

I was only looking if they had something to say
Lately it has been hard to get through my day
I was looking for something I just don’t know
I’ve been looking for a better way to go

Peter Mulvey is one hell of a guitar player. As an amateur player (I beat on my guitar and sing for fun), I was shocked and amazed at the depth and different flavors Mulvey played on this album, which is a collection of songs from his 15 year recording career. He recorded these songs solo, with just his acoustic guitar, which gives you a much better feel for the music, lyrics, and his abilities as a musician and songwright.

Every song is great, but I have to admit I have a few favorites…

  • Better Way to Go (track 2)
  • The Trouble with Poets (track 6)
  • Tender Blindspot (track 13)

Even though those are my favorites, I haven’t been able to stop listening to the album since I bought it. 🙂

His lyrics show a depth of spirit often only found in great poets, yet he has a sense of humor and fun about the words that shines through also. But it’s his guitar licks that stick with me.

Check it out and see what you think. If you like acoustic rock or folk, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Until next time, keep on jammin’.

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