CD Review: BNL’s Snacktime

Hey all…

Yes, I have kids. Yes, I am often on the hunt for kids music that we can listen to in the car without going totally insane. 🙂

Enter the Barenaked Ladies… and Snacktime! When I first heard about this, I was amused, but the more songs I heard from the album, the more it became apparent we would have to pick it up.

It’s available on iTunes (that’s where I picked it up) and Amazon. And it’s got some catchy tunes among its 24 tracks! Of all the songs on the CD, I have to say that 7-8-9 and Ninjas are my two favorites. 🙂

They’ve even done videos for a couple of the tracks, that I’ll post after the break along with the track list.

Track list:

  1. 7-8-9
  2. The Ninjas
  3. Pollywog In A Bog
  4. Raisins
  5. Eraser
  6. I Can Sing
  7. Louis Loon
  8. Food Party
  9. The Canadian Snacktime Trilogy i) Snacktime
  10. The Canadian Snacktime Trilogy ii) Popcorn
  11. The Canadian Snacktime Trilogy iii) Vegetable Town
  12. Drawing
  13. Humungous Tree
  14. My Big Sister
  15. Allergies
  16. I Don’t Like
  17. What a Wild Tune
  18. Bad Day
  19. Things
  20. Curious
  21. A Word for That
  22. Wishing
  23. Crazy ABC’s
  24. Here Come The Geese

7-8-9 Video:

Pollywog in a Bog Video:

Be sure to check out the album!

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  1. @Petra — It’s definitely worth checking out. Take a listen on if you’re interested

    @Jean — Yeah, I was kind of flabbergasted too, but we loved 7-8-9 (it’s a very funny song, with Gordie Howe hockey references even. 🙂 Kind of sad that the lead singer is in trouble with the police over various things at the moment… But hopefully he’ll turn around. They’ve done some great stuff over the years.

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