Book Review: Dog & Butterfly by Ann & Nancy Wilson

Heart. If you’re like me, the word evokes images of Ann and Nancy Wilson on stage, rocking guitars, and vocals in such classic songs as “Barracuda,” “Love Alive,” “Little Queen,” “Alone,” and on and on… For 30 years they’ve been entertaining us with their music, so we know they’re talented.

Now I know they have other talents, such as writing and illustrating childrens’ books! Dog & Butterfly expands on the classic song from Heart and shares the story of a puppy learning the secret of going after a dream. Perseverance. Now if only more books could tell the heart of a story quite as simply as the Wilson sisters.

The story begins with a puppy playing in outside among the trees, the flowers, and the butterflies. But no matter what the puppy does, it can’t quite seem to reach the fluttering beauties flying above their heads. Mama dog and Old Man cat watch from the sidelines, waiting to see which of the puppies finds the secret first.

When the puppy finally tires itself out and falls asleep in the grass, it awakes to find a butterfly resting on its nose. It stays very still until a sneeze scares it off, but that isn’t enough to dampen the excitement that it caught one! Perseverance, patience, and a little luck paid off!

This short book is beautifully illustrated with water colors to further add texture to this wonderful story. I think it’s impossible to go wrong with pictures of puppies, cats, and butterflies when creating art for children. My two daughters, both aspiring artists, loved the detail that made each picture unique to complement the story.

If you’re looking for a good “bedtime” book, Dog & Butterfly should be right up your alley. It’s a wonderful book filled with sunshine, optimism, puppies, and butterflies… what more could you ask for? Check it out at and support the Wilson sisters so they can create more inspired works for the next generation!


p.s. Pick up the book and other CDs below!

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