Blue Man Music – The Complex

Hey all…

I seem to be on a Blue Man high these days, but I downloaded one of their CDs from iTunes yesterday — The Complex. It has many of the catchy tunes that have been stuck in my brain since Sunday night’s concert — I Feel Love, Sing Along, Up to the Roof, Exhibit 13, and Persona are my favorites.

What I discovered is that I’m a little disappointed in the CD after hearing them live. Tracy Bonham sings on the tracks where the other gal sang in Denver. And though she sounds ok, I guess I’m not a huge Tracy Bonham fan. The girl who sang the other night had amazing range and power that Tracy doesn’t seem to have, at least not in the recorded tracks here.

However, the album includes:

  • Above*
  • Time to Start
  • Your Attention
  • Piano Smasher
  • Exhibit 13 – Mandelbrot, No. 4*
  • Sing Along*
  • Up to the Roof*
  • Persona*
  • White Rabbit**
  • The Current
  • Shadows, Pt. 2
  • What Is Rock
  • The Complex
  • I Feel Love*

(* was one of my favorites from the concert, ** is a new favorite from this album)

I recommend you check it out!



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