American Idol — Down to 7

American IdolImage via WikipediaHey all…

I try hard not to comment on American Idol. Once we get to the top 10, typically there’s a 50% chance that one of my favorites goes home. Michael Johns this week should not have gone home. Why Kristy Lee Cook is still there is beyond me.

So that leaves David Archuleta (young, oh so young, but with one of the best voices of the show), David Cook (who can rock the house whenever he wants), and Jason Castro (has a very cool Jack Johnson vibe about him) are my favorites that are left. The girls just never won me over this time around — Brooke White (Carly Simon wannabe), Carly Smithson (of the girls, she’s my favorite — amazing voice, but has made questionable song choices recently), Kristy Lee Cook (should’ve gone home quite a while ago), and Syesha Mercado (a Whitney Houston wannabe)…

Michael Johns had this whole Doors/INXS thing going for him that I loved. It was that blues-rock combination that resonated nicely. He will have a hell of a singing career I think.

Unless David Cook makes a horrific mistake, I’m betting he’ll be the one to beat.

Of the Idol Gives Back performance, I have to give props to Annie Lennox (one of my all time favorites), Heart (still sounding amazing after all these years), and Carrie Underwood. Underwood surprised me. I actually picked up her version of George Michael‘s Praying for Time. Might be the only time I ever purchase anything from her. Was a great performance. Have to agree with the article I posted a link to though — Miley Cyrus, I just don’t get the fascination.

Any opinions? Should be an interesting road from here on out.


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