American Idol – Bad Song Choices!!

Hey all…

I just have to weigh in on some of the song choices in tonight’s American Idol episode where the final three performed.

Who the heck picked these songs? Was it just me or did we re-enter the 70s from a bad angle and never quite lose that vibe? Even Switchfoot didn’t come across well for David Cook IMHO.

That said, I suspect that it’ll be David Archuleta & David Cook in the final, and Miss Mercado will probably be out in the cold. She will have one heck of a career on Broadway, but I don’t think she’s going to be in the final 2. That’s just me.

And what’s my prediction for who’ll win it all? I think David Archuleta will win it all even though I think David Cook is more well rounded. But I guess we’ll see.

Anybody else want to weigh in?



  1. What I don’t get is when the judges say you shouldn’t have sang that song, but Ryan said the producers picked this song for them and they had to sing it! They didn’t have a choice! So why are the judges giving them a hard time about the songs they sang when they can’t even pick them! Know what I mean!

  2. Yeah… One was picked by the judges (none of which were great, even though I liked “And So it Goes” by Billy Joel/David Archuleta)… One was picked by the producers (which all were horrid choices IMHO)… And one was picked by the contestants (again, none of which really did anything for me)… So no matter who picked the songs, none of them did an amazing job. It just rubbed salt in the wound to judge them harshly on top of it…

  3. Looks like you were right! Personally, I would’ve liked to have seen Michael Johns and David Cook in the top two, but that won’t be happening. I think of the two Davids, Cook is the stronger and more mature one, but only next week will tell.

  4. Looks like the battle of the Davids is on! I liked Ms. Mercado, and she’ll have a heck of a career. My only problem with her was that she sounded too much like Whitney Houston when she wasn’t doing to the Broadway-type stuff. I’m not much of a Whitney fan, but I wish her the best. 🙂 Next week we’ll see who wins in the finale!

  5. I loved the final 5 Idol group song last night. It was sad to see Aaron Kelly removed however I believe the other contestants were better so he had to go!

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