Aging Musical Tastes…

Hi there…

As I near the age of 40, it seems that my musical tastes are running back to classical rock. Heart, the Police, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix… And there are some new(er) tastes in there also, like John Mayer, Garbage, Sarah McLachlan, and so on.

But darn near everything on the main radio stations where I live is driving me nuts. It’s mostly noise to my ears.

And then there’s the song that bugs me the most right now… Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood… I have a 6-year old daughter who can pretty much sing every word of that song. I don’t have anything against the song itself — it’s kind of catchy for a country-ish song — but I don’t think my 6-year old should be hearing it enough every day on public radio that she can sing along.

Again — I must be getting old.

Anybody else have that problem?



  1. Yup. You are old. Of course, I noticed at the last concert I attended, that at least 25% of the crowd was close to being half my age.

    I’m not a fan of censorship, but every once in a while, I wonder at how de-sensitized we are becoming in our society. Fox flaunts the swear words on tv, movies are allowed to say a certain amount of f-bombs and still get a pg-13 rating, and music gets played to little kids that don’t understand the lyrics. And when they figure out the lyrics, all it does is cause them to grow up faster.

    Is that really what we want?

    “Judgement day is not coming soon enough.” — VNV Nation.

    PS. Pulled the gem about movies from an interview I recently read from Bruce Willis as he was discussing Die Hard 4.

  2. Definitely old. 🙂

    It is interesting to see concert crowds these days. The Police & John Mayer had a variety of folks young to old and everything in-between.

    I’m not quite ready for Judgement Day yet though… Maybe next week. 🙂

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