X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer

Hey all…

I just saw this today and lo and behold, maybe it won’t stink? There’s one scene where a humvee looks like a Tonka toy, but other than that it could be entertaining.

Check it out after the break… Let me know what YOU think.



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  1. Hi! Wanna hear a story?
    My bf (W) and I went to see The Day The Earth Stood Still last night, and (being how much of a geek he is, and how much I adore Hugh Jackman) we were both excited to see the Wolverine trailer. But thanks to my stupidity, we were exactly 3 minutes late to the movie and had already missed the trailer. W was very very disappointed, and I felt really bad. Even though we both knew he’d go straight home and watch it online either way, its better to see it on the big screen the first time, right? ^-^
    So as soon as the movie ended I rushed back to the snack counter, asked the guy to find out when the next showing was (in about 30 seconds, it turned out), batted my eyes at him, and begged him to let us sit in on the next showing just to see the trailer.
    I hadn’t even finished asking before he smiled and said “go ahead”. I raced back, grabbed W’s arm (spinning him around in a really cute way), and dashed into the right theater, making it just in time for the lights to dim down.
    W loved the trailer (even though we both do have our doubts about the movie) and he pronounced how sexy I was.

    Just wanted to share. ^-^

    Sin Secrets last blog post..Sexy Holiday Gift Ideas!

  2. @Sin, Thanks for sharing! Definitely a cute story. 🙂 It probably looks better on the big screen than on a computer monitor. We can only hope that it doesn’t just blow Adamantium chunks. 🙂

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