Why do we love bad movies?

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Recently I began pondering why I sometimes like movies that are panned by just about everybody I know and dislike movies that are universally loved. It’s not a new phenomenon either – it’s been happening for years.

In the past, I’ve simply brushed this little speed bump aside. “That’s what’s great about art,” I’ve said. “Everybody likes different things differently.”

But when I’ve stated publicly that I like a movie like Bubba Ho-tep starring Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis, I’ve been blasted by comments from friends like “Are you out of your mind?!” And frankly, they may be right. I may very well be a bit insane. A little insanity goes a long way.

So a couple of nights ago when I actually *paid* for the privilege of watching Jonah Hex on my television via pay-per-view, I fully expected to hate the film. I mean – every single review I saw of the movie panned it in the worst ways possible. And yet… I kind of liked it. I may have actually enjoyed it.

Was it Oscar-winning material? Heck no. Was it an escapist film based on a DC comic book? Definitely.

What is it that makes people’s opinions differ so wildly on such a movie? I have no idea.

But here’s what I think. This is purely opinion. No facts. No proof backing me up.

I like movies, television, and books to help me escape my everyday life. Popular media is my drug of choice. Sometimes I’ll swing towards nonfiction, but I tend to stay squarely in fictional genres that make me happy – fantasy, science fiction, comic books, thrillers, spies, zombies, martial arts, explosions, and so on… Occasionally I’ll try a drama or something serious, but let’s face it – if I’m going to spend money and time on something, I want to enjoy it – not feel like I’ve just been taught a lesson or slapped in the face.

Does this make me a bad person? I don’t think so.

Sometimes it *does* mean that I like a movie nobody else does however.

And like Nicholas Cage‘s character Balthazar Blake in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice when asked if he’s insane, I have to agree that I too might be just a little bit nuts.

Is it just me? Or was Jonah Hex not the worst movie ever made? (For me, that honor still goes to the film Bug with Ashley Judd.)

What are your favorite guilty pleasure movies or movies that other people think you’re nuts for liking? Leave me some comments below!


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  1. Howdy, I too am sometimes amazed about films that people hate. In fact, there are very few films I don’t like for some reason or another. But there is a distinct honor for the absolute worst film I’ve seen… Vegas in Space. Here is a list of guilty pleasure films that I can think of right now: Starship Invasions, Howard the Duck, The Waterboy, Death Race 2000, Repo Man, The Castle, The Dog that Stopped the War, Fortress, Safe, Cat People, Westworld, Chronicles of Riddick, Big Trouble in Little China. Best, D

  2. @Derek – I have to agree with you for a few of your selections – Howard the Duck, anything with Jason Statham, Highlander, Chronicles of Riddick, Big Trouble in Little China… I’ll have to think on a few more to add to the list. 🙂

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