What’s opening this weekend? August 28th, 2009 Edition

Hi all…

So what’s opening this weekend? Honestly it just looks like a couple of renters for me…

The Final Destination 3D continues the Final Destination franchise started back in 2000. All of these have been renters for me just to see how creative Death happens to be. This one starts at a NASCAR race where somebody has a premonition of a horrific set of events that kills lots of people. Like all of these, a few people get away and then are killed off one by one in unique ways. Why in 3D? Probably for the one scene in the trailer where the kid is killed by a flying engine. 🙂

And then there’s Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, which picks up where the reboot ended. Since I’m not much of a horror film buff, I’ll probably skip this one. But it’s good to know that Mike Myers (the fictional serial killer, not the comedian who killed his own career with The Love Guru) is still keeping up with his homicidal hobby. 🙂

That seems to be about it for wide releases this weekend.

If you get out to either of these, let me know what you think. 🙂


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