What is Fitzy planning on seeing this Summer?

Hi all…

At a bare minimum, I’m hoping to see these movies:

Fitzy’s Movie Schedule
Movie Date
Iron Man (done – click for my review – 5 out of 4) May 2, 2008
Speed Racer May 9, 2008
Prince Caspian (Chronicles of Narnia) May 16, 2008
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull May 22, 2008
Kung Fu Panda June 6, 2008
The Incredible Hulk June 13, 2008
Get Smart June 20, 2008
Wall*E June 27, 2008
Hancock July 2, 2008
Hellboy 2 – The Golden Army July 11, 2008
The Dark Knight July 18, 2008

Does anyone think there are some other movies I should be seeing? I’ve thought about seeing Meet Dave and X-Files 2, but haven’t decided for sure yet.


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