WGA Strike on for Monday, November 4

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Well guys, the strike seems inevitable…

CHUD.com reported today that the WGA strike is going ahead because no movement has occurred with negotiations.

“We have 48 hours. We don’t want to strike. What we really want to do is negotiate.”

That’s John Bowman of the WGA’s negotiation committee chair. 12,000 members will officially go on strike Monday morning. Residuals seem to be the key point in the stalled negotiations, with DVD residuals being a sticking point and extending the current residual formula to cover film downloads (electronic downloads). But it seems that the WGA and studios are stuck, since studios & networks are insisting that residuals can’t be increased.

The WGA is disappointed with the studios and the studios are disappointed with the WGA, leading to an ugly tension that doesn’t seem to be disappearing any time soon.

Let’s all hope that some kind of resolution is reached soon and they can come to a fair deal for both parties.


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