Watchmen vs. Terminator: Salvation… No Contest. Watchmen win

Hey all…

Thanks to Ain’t It Cool News, I was able to see two trailers for movies this week that I thought I was interested in. Terminator: Salvation, and Watchmen.

After actually seeing these two trailers, it became immediately apparent that Terminator: Salvation lost in the first trailer salvo and Watchmen kicked it’s tail all the way home.

Here‘s the Terminator: Salvation trailer (at Yahoo Movies).

Here’s the Watchmen trailer:

You be the judge. Which is more exciting?


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  1. Interesting you mention the Watchman Trailer. I saw it during the Dark Knight premiere here on Guam and to be honest with you, I wasn’t overly impressed with it. The terminator trailer wasn’t too great either. NO arnold? Thats just WRONG!

  2. Huh. Well, I’m hoping to see The Dark Knight tonight and will see the Watchmen trailer in a much larger size (obviously YouTube isn’t great) to see what I think in that format. But I agree with you about Terminator… No Ah-nold is definitely wrong!

  3. Yeah… I actually saw that it was pulled earlier today. Empire asked that it be removed. I’m guessing a new version will go up sooner than later.

  4. I’ve now seen the trailer a few times. I’m not sold on it. Hollywood will have to do some work to regain my money after watching the last Terminator movie, which was not so great.

    But I agree that Bale does a great job with any role. I’m just not sure that the story warrants his abilities.

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