Upcoming Movies I’m Excited About…

Hi all…

I thought I’d talk about some of the upcoming movies that I’m starting to get jazzed about in 2008…

  • February 14, The Spiderwick Chronicles (PG) comes to the big screen and IMAX (REALLY big screen). For those of you who don’t know, this movie is based on a series of five books for kids by the same name. The books are written by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi (and illustrated by DiTerlizzi, who’s an amazing artist). It’s about a family who moves into the Spiderwick estate and discover that their great great uncle Spiderwick’s library where he wrote the Field Guide to faeries. It was a book that forever changed their lives. (Read more about the series at http://www.spiderwick.com and about the movie at http://www.spiderwickchronicles.com.
    The trailers have looked very cool. And I read an article saying that Black & DiTerlizzi were quite impressed with what they saw of the movie during production. So we’ll hope it lives up to the hype!
  • February 22, Be Kind Rewind (PG-13) finds itself in theaters. This comedy starring Jack Black and Mos Def revolves around a guy (Black) who accidentally erases all the tapes in the video store where his best friend (Mos Def) works. They come up with a plan to record new versions of all the movies with themselves in the starring roles — and people like the movies! This looks hilarious and Jack Black is always good for a smile. You can see more about it at http://www.bekindmovie.com.
  • March 7, we go back in time to 10,000 BC (PG-13). Revolving around the world’s first hero, 10,000 BC shows us living in a time of warlords and villages. Anything with saber-tooth tigers and woolly mammoths can’t be all bad, can it? Only time will tell. More info is available at the movie website at http://www.10000BCmovie.com.
  • March 14, Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who (not rated yet) comes to the big screen in animated form. Jim Carrey does the voice of Horton, an elephant with an active imagination, who hears a cry for help from a speck of dust floating through the air. Horton is determined to help whomever needs the help — and Steve Carrell happens to fit the bill as the mayor. This movie has more star power than you can believe with Carrey & Carrell, Carol Burnett, Seth Rogen, Will Arnett, Isla Fisher, Dane Cook, Jaime Pressly, and more! Anyone who loved Dr. Seuss as a kid will probably get a kick out of this based on the teasers and trailers we’ve seen so far. Check out the website for more details at http://www.hortonmovie.com.
  • April 18, we see The Forbidden Kingdom (not yet rated) which brings two amazing martial artists together on screen – Jet Li & Jackie Chan. An American teenager (Michael Angarano, from Sky High), is thrust unexpectedly into a quest to get a staff to the legendary Monkey King. If you like martial arts movies and wire work, check out the trailer at their website (http://ForbiddenKingdomMovie.com). I’m excited about this one. Even if it’s a bust, it should be fun.

And I’ll leave it there for now… May brings ALL kinds of fun with Iron Man, Speed Racer, Prince Caspian, and Indy IV… June brings The Incredible Hulk, Get Smart, and WALL*E… July brings us Hancock, Hellboy II, The Dark Knight, and X-Files 2… August brings us a new Mummy movie and who knows what else…

So I’ll be back with more details before long… Let me know what movies YOU are looking forward to in 2008!


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