Transformers – Must see film of Summer 2007

Hi all…

I got to see the Transformers movie ( on Tuesday. I must say that I enjoyed it more than Spiderman 3, Shrek 3, or Pirates 3. And that’s a scary thought.


By the way, you shouldn’t think much when watching this film. The plot is a wee bit thin. Not that you should expect much of a plot based on a series of cartoons from the 80s developed to sell toys. There were two plots in the cartoon — the good guys had something the bad guys wanted, or the bad guys had something the good guys wanted. The movie actually introduced a third plot… The humans had something both the good and bad guys wanted. Michael Bay really stretched there to find that plot.
Acting-wise Shia LeBoeuf did a great job as the scared kid thrust in the middle of a war between robots started in the 1980s… Megan Fox is nice to look at but can’t act her way out of a paper bag. And Josh Duhamel (from the Las Vegas series on TV) did a great job as an Air Force Sergeant. Peter Cullen voiced Optimus Prime and it was as though we never left the 80s.

So let’s boil this movie down to its basics… Giant robots from another world that can transform into normal-looking vehicles on a whim. Oh, and they talk. And they shoot weapons. Some of them can fly and transform into helicopters or jet aircraft. One actually transforms into a really large gun as well as a cool spaceship/aircraft. There are… gun fights… check… car chases… check… explosions… check… hot girls as hood ornaments… check. Yes, this is a typical Michael Bay film.

But here’s the thing. If you take it as it is, which is a hell of a fun summer movie, it delivers big time. Don’t think about it — just sit back and enjoy the ride. If you grew up watching the Transformers as a kid, and you’re male (sorry girls, but this probably won’t come as a shock that you might not enjoy it as much as we of the testosterone crowd)… You’ll probably love this film.

I highly recommend it. It’s one that will be proudly bought on DVD and hopefully seen at least once more on the big screen before it disappears. It’s making beaucoup $$$, so I anticipate a sequel that has already been discussed by Michael Bay and his supporters.

I give this one 5 stars out of 4. 🙂

Enjoy the summer guys!


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  1. Meh. You forgot to mention that the the dialog was cheesy bad through significant parts of the movie.

    Oh well. Definitely a summer blockbuster action flick that works as long as you don’t expect anything from it beyond surface shine.

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