Trailer Time: X-Men: First Class

Hey there…

Most of my week has been less than stellar, but this just gave me a bit of hope in an otherwise gloomy day. The X-Men: First Class trailer is up and it shows at once the X-Men we know and love and yet an unexplored landscape of the 1960s.

What really made me smile? The last two lines of the trailer.

Charles Xavier (Professor “X”): “Listen to me very carefully, my friend. Killing will not bring you peace.”
Eric Lehnsherr (Magneto): “Peace was never an option.”

Maybe, just maybe… this will be the comic book movie summer we’ve all been waiting for… The X-Men, Captain America, Green Lantern, and Thor

I’ll just be over in the corner wiping up the drool… X-Men: First Class hits theaters June 3.


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