Trailer Time: Batman: Under the Red Hood coming to DVD July 27 2010

Hey there…

The DC animated team, much like their counterparts at Marvel, don’t seem to take much vacation. In July 2010, Batman: Under the Red Hood hits stores in Blu-ray and DVD. This time, Batman must figure out who the mysterious Red Hood is before it’s too late…

Bruce Greenwood (Bruce Wayne/Batman), Jensen Ackles (The Red Hood), Neil Patrick Harris (Nightwing), John DiMaggio (The Joker), and Jason Isaacs (Ra’s Al Ghul) take the animated stage to explore this story that may open old wounds…

Included with the other extras is an animated short featuring Jonah Hex, DC’s western character who’s also getting the live-action movie treatment on June 18. So though the trailer for the live action movie looks a bit hokey, hopefully the animated short will keep us entertained.

Keep an eye out for this one to be available for pre-order… I know I will!

Until then, here’s the trailer… Enjoy!


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