Trailer Time: After Dark Originals reveals Re-Kill

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That’s right… Re-Kill. And why call it that? Because when the dead rise as zombies, you have to re-kill them all!

Re-Kill was written by Mike Hurst (Hardwired, Ninja) and directed by Val Milev. The film stars Roger Cross (The Day The Earth Stood Still), Jesse Garcia (Quinceanera), and Daniella Alonso (Wrong Turn 2, The Hills Have Eyes II). Originally produced to be part of the AFTER DARK ORIGINALS “A New Brand of Fear” series, evidently this one showed enough promise that it was pulled from the festival so it can have a wider theatrical release.

The movie was shot in Bulgaria and is currently in post-production. To see details about the rest of the films in the AFTER DARK ORIGINALS series, check out the website and to find out if the series is showing in your area, look at the ADO Theater Locator.

Here’s the trailer for Re-Kill:

Re-kill Trailer from After Dark Originals

Though it looks kind of low-budget, sometimes those are the best kind of zombie films (Evil Dead 2 anyone?), so I’m looking forward to this one. Plus, the idea of zombies that learn from repeated encounters with the military/police forces trying to kill them adds a bit more danger to the equation.

Check out the trailer and let me know what you think!


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