The Martian Child… Aren’t all kids from Mars??

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Hi all…

Had a chance to watch The Martian Child on DVD this weekend, starring John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Joan Cusack, Oliver Platt, Richard Schiff, Anjelica Huston, and Bobby Coleman as Dennis the Martian Child. Pretty good flick, I must say. As a parent of two beautiful daughters (yes, I’m biased), they may not be from Mars, but they’re definitely from Venus or some other world. I think all parents must think that at some point. 🙂

We enjoyed the movie, but I’m not sure it’s one I need to pick up. It was cute, warm, and fuzzy, but unfortunately kind of forgettable. Here‘s the IMDB link.


The Martian Child is based on a book by Daniel Gerrold, played in the movie by John Cusack. It surrounds the life of a widower, Gerrold, and his adoption of a troubled boy, Dennis (aka the Martian Child), from an adoption agency. (Was never clear if it was an independently run agency or state-run, but anyway…) The writer, Gerrold, becomes attached to Dennis, and the two form a bond of love that transcends time, space, and the heavens.

I thought it was inventive to a point, sort of like K*Pax with a kid. But though my daughters and wife enjoyed the tear-jerker aspect of the film, I kept waiting for something to happen. However, if you like that sort of movie, this one is probably right up your alley.

That said, it’s worth watching if you have kids or are thinking of having kids. The next time you see a child wearing a belt of batteries so he doesn’t fly off into space, you’ll know why.

It’s not a bad movie, just not one that I would care to sit through again. I love John & Joan Cusack, and I think Amanda Peet was in one of her better roles. Oliver Platt and Anjelica Huston were underused by far.

So I’m going to give it 2.5 out of 4. It was good, just not good enough to own or see again IMHO. Nothing against the story, the actors, or the child — just wasn’t for me. (Note however that I *AM* looking forward to War, Inc. — with John Cusack — coming out later this year!)

Until next time, go see a movie!

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