The Loss of Heath Ledger

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Hi all…

I have to admit that like most people, I was just coming to fully appreciate Heath Ledger as an actor.

Here’s his bio on IMDB:

We first saw him in the short-lived TV series Roar. He was in The Patriot with Mel Gibson. Starred in A Knight’s Tale, which though not the greatest film had some amusing scenes in it.

I loved The Four Feathers, where he really started to come into his own as an actor and get beefier roles. The Order wasn’t a bad film, but again had Ledger in the lead role. The Brothers Grimm, a Terry Gilliam production, paired him with Matt Damon for a fun, though flawed film. And of course Brokeback Mountain brought him into the spotlight in a huge way.

But I have to say I was excited to see his new and scary portrayal of the Joker in the new Batman movie — The Dark Knight.

He leaves behind a two-year old daughter, Matilda, with Michelle Williams with whom he split up last year.

It’s a tragedy like this, and River Phoenix, and so many other young artists, that drives home the stress that must be on these people during the prime of their lives. I hope that we find that it wasn’t a suicide, but that it was merely an accident that took Ledger from us so soon.

My condolences to Heath’s surviving family and friends during this time of loss.


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