The Losers looks promising!

Hey all…

In the “I haven’t heard of this project before” category, we have news about a new movie coming in March 2010 called The Losers. This flick has an all star cast – Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chris Evans, Zoë Saldana, Óscar Jaenada, Idris Elba, and Columbus Short… all of which who of course have impressive resumes.

The only weird part is the director – Sylvain White – who’s directed such uninteresting films (for me anyway) as I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer and Stomp the Yard. That said, this trailer looks quite interesting.

Though I think the big-screen A-Team may blow big chunks, The Losers looks like it may update that premise in a much more pleasing way.

Thanks go to the Geeks of Doom for this one.

Check out the trailer:


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