The Dark Knight vs. Tim Burton’s Batman… a battle of the trailers…

Hey all…

I happened to StumbleUpon this post today at, and it really peaked my interest.

As you may or may not know, I’m excited about The Dark Knight this summer. It’s one of the four tentpoles of my most anticipated summer movies… Iron Man, Indy IV, Hellboy 2, and The Dark Knight… So when I watched this video comparing the trailers for the original Tim Burton Batman movie (with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson) with the trailer for this summer’s sequel to Batman Begins, The Dark Knight.

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I’m SHOCKED at the similarities. Not sure if it was deliberate or not, but it’s certainly eerie to see them side by side like this.

What do you think? Homage or accident?



  1. I think its kinda accident as all the Christian Bale movies seem to be so totally different from what is expected from a Batman movie. His are actually GOOD whereas the previous ones had been so “comical.”

    I’m really looking forward to the new Joker… I’m hoping he does not let me down.

  2. I’m hoping it was an accident or an homage, but I have no doubts that The Dark Knight is going to be one heck of a movie with Heath Ledger’s last performance and Christian Bale as Batman. It’s a much more “real” take on the franchise than Tim Burton’s world. Hopefully this movie will do well enough we’ll see a third. 🙂

  3. I’m going to see this on July 18th followed by a Roeper and Siskel style review with MTMD. He’ll be talking about Mama Mia! while I talk about The Dark Knight. I’m hoping to watch the first four movies from the Burton collection and the first one from the new series. The trailers look great!

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