The Dangers of All Digital Theaters

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Hi all…

I have to say that I am disappointed at the moment. I was all set to go see Babylon A.D. today, got to my local (and fairly new) Hollywood Theaters location up in northern Colorado Springs… and was told that there would be no shows today due to problems with the film. Either the film didn’t get delivered correctly (via satellite probably) or the actual theater where the movie was to be shown had damaged equipment. I’m betting it was the former.

Now… I had a small window of opportunity to see the movie today and evidently it wasn’t fated to be. (Regardless of the fact that it’s received horrible press so far, I still want to see the film.)

If I had gone to a traditional theater, one where actual reels of film had been delivered physically to the location, I wouldn’t have run into this issue. But because I chose a digital theater, I ran into trouble.

I have to say that this is the first time since I’ve gone to this theater that this has occurred (it opened the weekend that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls opened, so it’s only been open since May). So perhaps the issues are not causing them too much trouble.

But I have to wonder when I go to the Hollywood Movies website today and it shows this:

Hollywood Theaters Website - Babylon AD ad

The theater seems to be to blame for my not being able to see this movie. And I have to say that the ticket seller didn’t even suggest a different movie. He just kind of blew me off, which further exacerbated my situation.

Oh well. My wife and I may end up seeing this later in the weekend, but probably not at this theater. I’d hate to be “turned away” again.


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