Syriana – George Clooney, Matt Damon, others, and a great script

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Syriana is one of those movies that you have to watch without any distractions to truly get. Does that mean I was able to watch without distractions? Heck no. Two kids, two dogs, two cats, and life gets in the way. But I think I got enough of it to understand the gist.


The whole script revolves around the merger of two oil companies and the effects it has on the governments and individuals involved. Some are built up. Some are destroyed. But through it all, the script maintains an apolitical stance that is amazing.

Some may not appreciate this movie. It’s by the director of Traffic from a few years back. And honestly I didn’t like Traffic. We’ve tried to watch it three times and fallen asleep at different parts each time. This script was much tighter and the characters more engaging.

So if you’re interested in some political and international intrigue, this may be a good movie for you. It’s a great ensemble cast with a great script. Hard to miss.

Three of four stars (3/4) simply because it is a bit convoluded in places — but so is the world at large.

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You can also find the script at:

And see the IMDB info at:

Hope you enjoyed my review. Let me know what YOU think of the movie!


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