Superman Reboot a la Batman Begins?

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Hey all…

The web is abuzz this weekend about a Warner Brothers plot to reboot Superman (again) even in the wake of the failed Superman Returns. WB wants to mimic with DC heroes what Marvel has done with its properties.

So over the next few years, we’re looking at another Batman movie (with or without Christopher Nolan, preferably with), a Superman reboot, and two other DC heroes plucked from the pages. Once they’ve got their individual movies wrapped, a Justice League movie won’t be too far out on the horizon.

Does this make sense? Sure. I can see a Superman movie with a darker tinge of blue, but it would be a tough sell. Superman is a larger than life Boy Scout (no offense to the Boy Scouts). How will they make his character darker?

Now… I can see taking a new Clark Kent/Superman character in the classic vein of superheroes and rebooting the villains. If you take Smallville (shudder), they rebooted classic Superman villains such as Lex Luthor and Brainiac. But there are so many others to choose from (take this list on Wikipedia for starters), I don’t know where they’d start.

If it’s a true reboot, I think they’d have to start with Lex Luthor. He’s THE epitome of Superman villains, much like the Joker is the pinnacle of all Batman villains (at least in my book). A Lex luthor in the time of terrorists, Russian plots to retake old states, and a nuclear Iran would be scary. Capitalism with flexible morality. Why the heck not?

So if they go that route, who would they choose to go along with Batman & Superman in the League? Aquaman, ruler of the deep, might provide an environmental angle, as might Wonder Woman. Green Arrow was always one of my faves, but he’s a bit too similar to the Batman mold. Maybe the Flash would be an interesting character to update.

Marvel has Iron Man 2 on the horizon for 2010, with Ant-Man, Thor, Nick Fury, and Captain America being bandied about. So an Avengers project is out there for all to see… Wolverine is coming next year, with rumors of a Magneto movie.

With this resurgence of interest in comic book heroes, I think that geeks may be the ultimate winners. And as a geek, I have to say “huzzah!”

It’s good to be a geek. 🙂


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  1. I think this is good news. There is a huge market for non-mainstream people, and it seems that the studios are realizing this with the success of Batman,etc. I look forward to seeing what they do with the ideas.

    Not sure I want to see another Superman though…

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