Superman: Doomsday (DVD) (2007)

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Another of the movies I had a chance to watch was the direct-to-DVD offering Superman: Doomsday from Warner Brothers Animation. Based on the comic series “The Death and Return of Superman,” which came out in the 1990s, this story deals with Lex Luthor (Superman’s age-old nemesis) and LexCorps accidentally unleashes an alien buried deep within the earth. This alien Doomsday device systematically goes about destroying Earth. Supes of course must go toe to toe with this critter to save Metropolis and Earth from imminent destruction.


Here’s the IMDB link:

This is a new effort to animate the DC Universe and the first in a series of movies produced by Warner Brothers. The next effort is Justice League: The New Frontier, which comes out later this year.

After the excellent animation and stories done in the 1990s for Batman and Superman (and Batman Beyond), I have to say I was disappointed by this effort from DC. Even though it was packed with action, it didn’t show the heart of the hero that has pulsed through these characters since they were created. Maybe it was the animation work.. Maybe it was the actors and actresses doing the voice work (though they did have a good cast)… But this fell flat for me.

Speaking of the voice cast, it’s studded with names you’ll know from movies and television… Adam Baldwin (currently seen on TV in Chuck) plays Clark Kent/Superman. Anne Heche (currently on Men In Trees) played Lois Lane. James Marsters (most recently on Smallville but famous for playing Spike the vampire on Buffy the Vampire Slayer) played Lex Luthor. Swoosie Kurtz (many different shows over the years) played Martha Kent and Ray Wise (currently on Reaper playing the Devil) as Perry White… They didn’t lack for talent.

And from what I heard (I can’t say I ever read the comic series), the Death of Superman series was well worked. It’s spawned several similar concepts including the recent death of Captain America. So I doubt that it was the comic that started it all that was the problem.

Maybe it was the script? I honestly don’t know.

However, as a fan of animated movies based on comic books (and good live action movies too), I have to say this dampened my enthusiasm for the next release.

Let me know what you think of this effort… I’d love to hear from you.

I give it 2.5/4 stars. It’s worth watching, but I’m not running out to add it to my collection.

Until next time… Go see something at the movies!


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