Streaming Movie Review: The Midnight Meat Train (2008)

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In honor of Halloween, FEARNet had an exclusive online showing of Clive Barker‘s movie – The Midnight Meat Train. If you like blood, this is a movie for you!

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You can check it out here while it’s still available.


The Midnight Meat Train is the story of Leon Kauffman struffling to make it as a photographer. It stars Bradley Cooper (as Kauffman), Brooke Shields (as Susan Hoff), Leslie Bibb (as Maya), and Vinnie Jones (as Mahogany). Bradley Cooper plays the photographer who strives to capture the heart of NYC on film. As an assignment, he follows a guy onto the subway. Bad news for him, the guy turns out to be a serial killer.

Bradley Cooper’s Kaufman seems the same as all of Bradley Cooper’s characters – naive, trying to find something to commit to. Unfortunately (or fortunately for us and Clive Barker), he commits to the wrong course of action. As in Alias, his character does change through the course of the movie, becoming darker and darker as he faces his foe.

Leslie Bibb is beautiful as always as Maya, the supportive girlfriend trying to help her boyfriend reach the next level. And she does melt down at the end. After all, being supportive only goes so far in the course of a horror movie.

Brooke Shields appears as art gallery owner Susan Hoff who really wants the photographer to succeed, driving him to go farther to find his mysterious “heart of the city”.

Vinnie Jones… well, Vinnie Jones plays one hell of a serial killer. A seriously freaky dude.

In addition, there are fun side characters to keep us entertained throughout the madness. Peter Jacobson, now a regular on House as Dr. Taub, plays Otto, who cooks at the diner where Maya works and Kaufman wants his tofu cooked. Ted Raimi makes an appearance as Randle Cooper, a man traveling with his wife on the subway. And Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson (UFC fighter) has a good fight scene with Vinnie at one point, dressed as a Guardian Angel.

Quality-wise, this is a great movie. The images are crisp, the blood flows copiously, and I found myself drawn into the story. I don’t remember the last time a horror movie egged me on to watch more.

Important lessons learned:

  1. Watch where you step. You never know what you’ll find on the floor of a subway car.
  2. A follow-on to #1, blood and eyeballs are slippery when wet.
  3. If somebody approaches you with a large silver mallet from behind, it’s probably time to leave.
  4. If that somebody is Vinnie Jones, dressed in a fine suit, don’t follow him into the subway.
  5. Just because a person is dressed nicely in a well tailored suit, it doesn’t mean they’re NOT a serial killer.
  6. Don’t mess with the butcher.
  7. And the most important part… Don’t ever try to get into Clive Barker’s head. 🙂

According to, this movie was supposed to be released by Lionsgate, but was buried. Instead of a wide release, it was only released on about 100 screens.

You may not have heard much about the film The Midnight Meat Train. It was based on a story by Clive Barker and was supposed to be released by Lionsgate. A while back there was a lot of buzz around this film due to the fact that Lionsgate basically “buried” the movie, releasing it on only about 100 screens throughout the entire U.S. We can only hope it gets a broader distribution on DVD. But for now, it’s great that FEARnet is releasing it online for free in the interim.

It’s more than a little disturbing. But it gets a solid 3 out of 4 for me, which is unusual. I’m not a huge fan of horror movies, but this one did a great job of grabbing and holding my interest. I had to watch to the end to see how it turned out. Props to Clive Barker!

Why Lionsgate decided to bury this one when the Saw and Hostel series are going gangbusters is beyond me.


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  1. @The Movie Whore – I didn’t know FearNet existed until this week, but now I’ll be checking it out more often! 🙂

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