So what’s the score for the four movies seen?

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Hi all…

So a week or so ago I wrote that I was going to see all four of these movies over my break and go from there… If you’ve read the posts, you’ll know the scores — but I thought I’d summarize them here.

In first place — Transformers with 5/4 stars (see review here)

In second place — 1408 with 4/4 stars (see review here)

In third place — Live Free or Die Hard with 3/4 stars (see review here)

And in last place — Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer with 2/4 stars (see review here)

I’d like to see Transformers again to see how it fares with a second viewing, but the 1408 and the Die Hard sequel can wait to be seen again on DVD. Fantastic Four 2 I think I can safely ignore.

Anyway… What does anybody else think? Share your opinions!


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