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Sizzling Popcorn 320x200Hi all!

A few weeks back, Jean at Sizzling Popcorn was the winner of a contest I held at the Lair and one part of the “winnings” was a review of his site. It’s taken a while, but I’m finally getting back to that!

When I first started with Entrecard, I ran across Sizzling Popcorn’s initial incarnation as a blog and was impressed by the width and depth of some of the reviews there. When Jean got his own domain and retooled his site with the new look, I was even more impressed.

SP focuses on the breadth of movies in the industry — everything from Action and Adventure to Documentary and Drama, and everything in-between. Each review is rated on the SP system:

  • Sizzling Popcorn – a great movie that is bound for awards shows
  • Butter Popcorn – a great movie that may not be bound for the awards shows
  • Popcorn – a good, but not great movie
  • Kernel – not so good, but may be a renter
  • and Burnt Popcorn – which isn’t worth watching

Not only did the site revamp a few months ago change the look and feel of SP, but it gave it a lot more flexibility in terms of graphical layout, advertising, sponsoring, and so on.


Jean always gets the jump on new movies and movie news too — most recently, Jean got to see premieres of several movies and I was jealous!

I have to admit that SP is one of those sites I head to when I’m debating on seeing a movie at the theater or not. I don’t always agree with Jean, but more often than not we seem to have a similar feel for various movies. And it’s always good to get a second opinion. 🙂

So we at the Lair wish Sizzling Popcorn all the best and hope that Jean continues to do well with the site!

Who knows who I might review next? 7 Miles Down? Reel Ninja?

Until then… Check out Sizzling Popcorn and enjoy some movies!


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  1. Thanks for the review! It’s always great to see that people like your work and that you have an influence on other people’s decisions. This Friday will officially be 6 months since the beginnings of the site/business! Every time I look back to February, I am amazed how quickly the site has grown, how much I’ve learned in the film industry, the many contacts I’ve made, and the increase love for films!

    SizzlingPopcorns last blog post..Fireproof: Never Leave Your Partner Behind

  2. Nice site review. I had been out to that site before and a lot of good/fun content. It is always nice to see site cross/sharing between similar content based websites.

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