Seth Rogen Movies Rock!

Knocked UpImage via WikipediaHi all…

Yes, I said it. Seth Rogen Movies Rock! Now I’ve said it again!

I mean… They have it all, don’t they?

Clean language? Check.

Clearly superior script writing? Check.

Impressive cadre of actors? Check.

Refusal to portray drug use in a positive manner? Check.

Role models for our youth today? Definitely check.

Bizarro Blog-a-thon Expired

I mean, Superbad and Knocked Up are easily two of the best movies ever produced!

So… I repeat! Seth Rogen Movies Rock! I SO look forward to Funny People, The Green Hornet, and Zack and Miri Make a Porno! I’m sure they’re all instant classics!


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  1. Ummm… This is why the marketplace of ideas is so open and wild… They let ANYBODY have an opinion. 🙂

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