Robert Rodrgiguez’ Predators movie looks cool!

Hey all…

Saw this today courtesy of Geeks of Doom and thought I’d share with you. There’s a sneak peak of the new Predators movie from Robert Rodriguez up at that looks like this could actually be… fun.

Any time a series is reimagined or reborn, you have to wonder at the quality. Why is it being redone? Who will do it? Will it hold up to the original?

The original Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger is a classic. That was an era of big, bold action movies where you could cheer for the good guys or the bad guys and still come out on top.

We can only hope that Rodriguez’ vision holds up.

It looks like it stars Topher Grace, Adrien Brody, Danny Trejo, and Laurence Fishburne among others. So we’ll see what happens come July 9, 2010. 🙂

What do you think?


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  1. The original Predator Movie was an awesome alien movie with a great ending … I really enjoyed this movie.

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