Resident Evil: Extinction? More like a Lull in the Battle

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Yes, thanks to the WGA strike, we’re continuing to move at a staggering pace through our Netflix queue. The latest casualty was Resident Evil: Extinction, which came out last year.

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So for those who don’t know anything about this series of movies, this is the third. Resident Evil came out in 2002. Resident Evil: Apocalypse came out in 2004. And Resident Evil: Extinction came out in 2007.

Like the others, this one is rated R for violence, splatter, and minor nudity.

The entire series is based on a series of Resident Evil video games. Think first person shooter in a zombie infested world and you pretty much get the gist. The backstory includes the Umbrella Corporation, who is the most powerful company in the world and involved with everything from military weapons to bio-engineered viruses. The T-Virus is one of these lovely genetically engineered viruses. It gets out of hand quickly, proving that if you get infected and die, you come back as a zombie hungry for fresh human flesh.

Is this just another zombie movie in the genre of 28 Days Later, Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, and so on? Well, yeah, sort of. Survivors battle armies of mindless and not so mindless undead.

What sets this apart is Milla Jovovich. She’s one of my favorite action actresses of the last 20 years. Ever since Kuffs (with Christian Slater), I’ve been hooked. And when The Fifth Element came out in 1997, it sealed the deal.

That said, even Milla couldn’t save herself from Extinction. This one didn’t do anything for me. Maybe it was the fact that many of the battles took place during the daytime — and zombies in bright sunlight aren’t so scary as much as silly looking brutes.

Also from earlier movies, Oded Fehr (who I liked in the Mummy, but his character in the RE series hasn’t done much for me) and Mike Epps who provided some funny scenes in Apocalypse but fell short in Extinction. Ali Larter and Ashanti joined the cast as known quantities. I liked Ali Larter’s Claire character, but Ashanti’s Betty barely makes a blip on the radar.

Generally I guess you can see where I’m headed with this. It falls flat. (Sorry Milla.) And if this was meant to end the trilogy, it left the end wide open for more, which is the scariest part of the whole film. 🙂

This one gets 2/4. Rent it if you get bored and like Milla. She’d appreciate the residuals.

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